Newcomen • Documentation

At the moment, most information can be found in the API Documentation1. It does include useful information for end users, especially the configuration options and general usage information for the different plugins. Note that the API Documentation aims to be complete, and end users may need to skip a lot of the content that is only of interest for developers.

Some more end user friendly information is available as an example project. It is included in the distribution archive, check the intro folder. The example project has already been processed, so you can browse it without installing Newcomen first. The generated output can be found in the intro/output directory, it is also available online. You may use this example project as a starting point to create your own blog (or website).

Some (hopefully) useful links:

End user documentation may be improved in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to send an email to

  1. Some pages of the API documentation use JavaScript. While not strictly required, some features may not be available if it is disabled. ↩