Description A static content generator.

Perl Manuals

Newcomen::Manual The Newcomen manual.
Newcomen::Manual::Blog::Example::Config Description of the example configuration.
Newcomen::Manual::Concepts General concepts.
Newcomen::Manual::Configuration Configuration information.
Newcomen::Manual::Hooks Hooks to be implemented by plugins.
Newcomen::Manual::Installation Installation information.
Newcomen::Manual::Newcomen Newcomen's main executable script: newcomen.
Newcomen::Manual::Summary::Config Summary of all configuration options.
Newcomen::Manual::Summary::Global Summary of global data.
Newcomen::Manual::Summary::Meta Summary of all meta data used.

Perl Modules

Newcomen A static content generator - main class.
Newcomen::Catalog Manages all source collections of the project.
Newcomen::Collection Manages an ordered list of source items and meta data.
Newcomen::Config Configuration frontend.
Newcomen::Config::Backend Base class for configuration backends.
Newcomen::Config::Perl Configuration backend to read a Perl configuration file.
Newcomen::Content Represents a piece of content on a page.
Newcomen::Core Provides access to the different components of Newcomen.
Newcomen::Crawler Manages the sources of an Newcomen project.
Newcomen::Data General data storage class, Data::SimplePath wrapper.
Newcomen::Formatter Formatter frontend.
Newcomen::Formatter::Backend Base class for formatter backends.
Newcomen::Formatter::MultiMarkdown MultiMarkdown formatter.
Newcomen::Formatter::RelativePaths Reference other pages using relative paths.
Newcomen::Formatter::Specification A formatter backend specification.
Newcomen::Formatter::Specification::List A list of formatter backend specifications.
Newcomen::Page Represents a single output page of the project.
Newcomen::Plugin::Base Base class for Newcomen plugins.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog Enable all blog plugins.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Crawler Filesystem crawler for the blog plugins.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Defaults Sets some defaults for blog pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Excerpt Creates excerpts for blog content.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::Defaults Sets some defaults for atom feeds.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::Exclude Removes articles from atom feeds.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::Lists Creates the feeds for the list index pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::Lists::Defaults Sets some defaults for list feeds.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::Main Creates the feed for the main index page.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::UUID Sets UUIDs for feed entries.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Feed::Updated Sets update time for feed entries.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Formatters Sets formatters for blog entries based on file names.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Defaults Sets some defaults for index pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Exclude Removes articles from index pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Lists Creates custom index pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Lists::Date Helps to creates date archive pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Lists::Defaults Sets some defaults for list index pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Main Creates the blog's main index pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Index::Main::Exclude Removes articles from the main index page.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Menu Manages a site menu.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Menu::Item An item in a menu.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Single Creates single article pages.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Source Sets some initial data for blog sources.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Source::Empty Removes empty source items.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Source::Lists Creates meta data lists.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Source::Slug Sets the source item's slug.
Newcomen::Plugin::Blog::Source::Time Sets time information for blog sources.
Newcomen::Plugin::CleanDirectories Empty directories before building the project.
Newcomen::Plugin::Newcomen Plugin defining some general options.
Newcomen::Plugin::Rewrite::Clean Clean up page targets.
Newcomen::Plugin::Rewrite::Prefix Set a common prefix for all page targets.
Newcomen::Plugin::Static Copy static files to the destination directory.
Newcomen::Plugins Manages the Newcomen plugins.
Newcomen::Renderer Renderer frontend.
Newcomen::Renderer::Backend Base class for renderer backends.
Newcomen::Renderer::Specification A renderer backend specification.
Newcomen::Renderer::TemplateToolkit Template Toolkit renderer backend.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Catalog Moose role for easy catalog access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Component Moose role (parameterized) for components.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Config Moose role for easy configuration access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Core Moose role for easy core access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Crawler Moose role for easy crawler access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Formatter Moose role for easy formatter access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Plugins Moose role for easy plugin access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Renderer Moose role for easy renderer access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Site Moose role for easy site access.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::URL Moose role for easy access to the URL map.
Newcomen::Role::Attribute::Writer Moose role for easy writer access.
Newcomen::Role::Backend::Specification Moose role for backend specifications.
Newcomen::Role::Crawler::Filesystem Moose role for plugins to crawl the filesystem.
Newcomen::Role::Frontend Moose role for frontend components.
Newcomen::Site Manages all pages of the project.
Newcomen::Source Represents a single data source of the project.
Newcomen::URL Manages an URL map.
Newcomen::Util Utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::File File related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::Hash Hash related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::List List related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::Path Path related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::String String related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::Time Date and time related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::Traits Moose related utility functions.
Newcomen::Util::UUID UUID related utility functions.
Newcomen::Writer Writer frontend.
Newcomen::Writer::Backend Base class for writer backends.
Newcomen::Writer::Copy Copies a file.
Newcomen::Writer::Rendered Write rendered content to a file.
Newcomen::Writer::Specification A writer backend specification.

Perl Scripts

config Example configuration file for Newcomen.
newcomen Main script of the Newcomen static page generator.