Newcomen On Windows

I uploaded a new release of Newcomen. There was a minor bug causing some broken links (on platforms with weird file systems) which should be fixed now. There may still be some issues on platforms other than Linux, but building the intro project works fine now, at least on Windows.

Installing Newcomen on Windows is pretty much the same as on Linux:

  • Install Strawberry Perl (other Perl distributions have not been tested).
  • Install all dependencies from CPAN (a cpan client comes with Strawberry Perl).
  • Download the latest Newcomen release.
  • Extract the archive. You may need to install some tool to extract the .tar.gz archive. 7-Zip works, but apparently requires two steps: After extracting the .tar.gz file you need to extract the resulting .tar file. Note that there will be an error extracting one file (there can't be a Newcomen folder and a newcomen file in the same parent directory if the file system is not case sensitive), but this will only affect the documentation and can be ignored.
  • Run the following commands in the Newcomen-<version> directory (dmake should be available if Strawberry Perl has been installed properly):
    • perl Makefile.PL
    • dmake
    • dmake test
    • dmake install

That's it. If you want to build the intro project to see if it works, run the newcomen command in the Newcomen-<version>/intro directory.