Newcomen • Features

Newcomen, with the plugins included in the distribution, offers the following features (among others):

  • Support for blog and non-blog websites
  • Arbitrary categorization (by categories, tags, whatever you like…)
  • Support for Atom feeds
  • Article excerpts to be included on index pages or feeds
  • Integrated site menus, defined in the configuration and/or article sources
  • Flexible configuration and customization of all aspects of the generated website
  • MultiMarkdown (or raw HTML) as article source format1
  • Arbitrary meta data for every article
  • Relative links (no server required to browse the generated pages)
  • Template Toolkit templates2
  • Written in Perl 5 using the Moose framework
  • Easy to extend with plugins
  • Extensive API documentation

However, there are some drawbacks, compared to some of the other existing static website generators:

  • At the moment, Newcomen is pretty slow (improving the performance is on top of the to-do list)
  • Probably a bit harder to configure than some of the alternatives
  • There is not much documentation for end users yet
  • No integrated HTTP server (not really required if you use relative links)
  • No command to create a new project from some template project (you really should be able to copy some files by yourself)
  • Always regenerates the complete project (may take some time for huge projects)
  • Some knowledge of Perl may be an advantage (it is the format of the configuration file)

New features will be added in the future, based on user feedback (and my own needs). Remember that you can always write your own plugins if required.

  1. Support for other formats can be added easily. ↩

  2. Support for other template engines can be added easily. ↩