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Apache, mod_rewrite, The [N] Flag And An Infinite Loop

When I renamed Utterson to Newcomen, I installed some rewrite rules to make sure the old Utterson URLs redirect properly to their Newcomen counterparts.

In theory, this should have been pretty easy, mod_rewrite should allow some equivalent to Perl’s s/…/…/g for its rewrite rules. Checking the mod_rewrite documentation, the [N] flag seemed to be exactly what I was looking for.

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Old Projects Moved To Bitbucket

I shut down my old Trac based code hosting site at and moved most of the stuff to my Bitbucket account. Some projects have been updated for the release on Bitbucket (or at least got a proper README file ☺). The few projects that didn’t make it were pretty useless and/or outdated.

Check the “Projects” page here at for an overview. There you will also find a short description of every project, something missing from the new Bitbucket profile page.

Update: Please use the repositories at Gitlab from now on.

Utterson Renamed To Newcomen

While Utterson was a much nicer name, there already is a static blog generator with this name. So I decided to rename it to Newcomen, another character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. There are probably better names, but Newcomen had the same number of letters, saving me some potential reformatting work after the search and replace. Basically all I had to do was a

find . -type f -exec \
    sed -i 's/Utterson/Newcomen/g' {} \;

and rename a few files and folders. Due to the new name, I changed the version number of all modules to 2014052501, but apart from the name nothing has changed.

I also changed all previous blog posts, category and tag names. That wasn’t really necessary, but it’s easier to keep all related stuff in one place. So the URLs have changed, too, but you should be redirected to the new one if you try to access an old Utterson URL.