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About This Example

This is an example Newcomen project. You may use it as a starting point to create your own blog or website. This example project also contains some useful information regarding the structure of an Newcomen project and the article source files.

More information can be found in the API documentation, please see the Newcomen homepage.

The example project

This example project contains the following subdirectories:

articles Contains the article source files.
cache Used to cache files, e.g. compiled templates.
config Contains the configuration file
output Output directory for the generated files.
static Contains static files, e.g. CSS.
templates Contains the page templates.

All these locations may be changed in the configuration file, with the exception of the configuration directory and the configuration file itself. Note that when changing a directory name more than one option may need to be modified!

Please see the documentation of the example configuration file in the API documentation.

To build the example project, install Newcomen, go to the project’s root directory and run newcomen (modify the paths below as appropriate):

~/Newcomen$ cd intro
~/Newcomen/intro$ newcomen

There should be no output unless an error occurs. As mentioned above, the generated files will be saved in the output folder. Simply open the file output/index.html with your browser, there is no need for an HTTP server.

posted on 2014 / 02 / 01