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Article Sources

This is a regular blog post. The article source format is pretty simple, for example:

title : An Example


This is the content…

There’s meta data at the beginning. It has to be specified in YAML1 format. There are no restrictions, except that the data structure has to be an associative array (i.e. a number of key : value pairs, but any data structure may be nested in this associative array).

The meta data has to be separated from the content by --- (or ===) on a line by itself. Articles without meta data are supported (as long as you make sure these don’t contain the separator).

The content may be any data. In the case of this article, it is formatted by the MultiMarkdown formatter, because the article’s source file name ends in .mmd. This behaviour can be configured freely, please take a look at the example configuration (config/

Read more about article source files…

  1. The official YAML specification can be found at, but the Wikipedia article is probably more helpful for beginners. ↩

posted on 2014 / 02 / 01