An example blog

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A “Static” Page

This is a (pseudo-)static page. There are not many differences between this page and a regular single article page, just some options set in the article’s meta data:

Excluding the article from the index pages and Atom feeds

To exclude this article from all index pages and all Atom feeds, the following two settings are included in the meta data:

on_index : no
on_feed  : no

As you can see, it is possible to exclude an article from the index pages while keeping it in the Atom feeds, and vice versa. There is another related option:

on_main  : no

This option would cause the article to be excluded only from the main index page, while it would be included on other index pages (e.g. the category index or the archive pages).

Note that the meta data used to exclude articles from index pages and/or feed pages can be configured freely. For example, you could add options to exclude articles when a certain word appears in the title (assuming there’s a title included in the meta data, as is the case for every post in this example project).

Defining a menu entry

The following meta data is used to create the “Static Page” menu entry:

menu     : 999_Example/Static Page

The parent item — “Example” — will be created automatically, the leading 999_ will be removed from the item’s name. It is only used to sort the menu items, keeping the “Example” menu at the end. The “Static Page” entry will automatically point to the correct URL for this article’s single article page.

It is possible to define (sub-)menus like that to an arbitrary depth. And if you would create another page with a menu entry for “Example” itself, a properly linked entry would replace the current “Example” entry (the “Static Page” entry would still be there).

The menu entry for the blog’s index page is defined in the configuration file.

Hiding the meta data

As you can see, this page does not include the article’s publishing date, categories etc. Responsible for this behaviour is the article’s meta data

no_meta  : yes

This option is not checked by any plugin. Instead, the main template will simply not include the meta data if this option is set for an article. This would also hide the meta data from the index pages, but this article is removed from all index pages, see above.