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More On Article Sources, And Relative Paths

The source file of this article is a .txt file. It will be included in the blog like the .mmd files, and uses the exact same format. However, the MultiMarkdown formatter will not be applied to this article’s content.

Which formatters are applied depends on the configuration. In the example configuration, the MultiMarkdown formatter will be applied to .mmd files only. On the other hand, the RelativePaths formatter will be applied to all articles:

This is the path of the “Static Page” (as linked in the menu on the left), relative to the current page:


This relative path will change depending on the page this article is included on. For example, it will be different on yearly and monthly index pages.

Relative paths are included in article sources using the following format (the format can be configured freely):


The <ID> setting depends on the plugin that created the target page. You may want to check some of the articles for examples. Please check the API documentation of the plugins for more details.

Note: If you copy the example above, you need to remove the character after the rel. It’s a zero-width space, included to prevent this example itself from being replaced.

posted on 2014 / 02 / 01